Another happy Ruby Slipper buyer wins at Auction!

Ahhh. Another happy ever after with Ruby Slipper Consultants, just the way I like it.

Today we assisted JD and Lingam in purchasing a beautiful art deco flat. On the market with Biggin and Scott, this unusual property had garnered much attention throughout the duration of the auction. We assisted our clients with a last-minute reading of the all-important Section 32 documents – only released the evening of Friday prior! Without our assistance, many purchasers would not have felt confident in perusing this document to check that all was well with going on to a successful purchase.

A big Sunday auction crowd ensued, replete with their Melbourne umbrellas to ward of the pitter patter of rain. Auctioneer Claudio appeared and we began bidding strongly. Needless to say – our clients purchased the property of their dreams. But more importantly, they felt like they had entered into a potentially nerve-wracking Auction scenario with the best representation possible. Ruby Slipper Consultants. If you would like the best advice on your side when purchasing a property in Melbourne – contact Ruby Slipper Consultants.

There’s no place like home!

Below are some photos of our clients gorgeous new residence.


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