Woah Nelly. Every man and his dog are getting on the social media bandwagon. Even old cardigan wearing real estate agents are getting on board with the Twitter and the Facebook (as they call it) at the REIV. How do you differentiate your own businesss blog and make it truly unique? How can you ensure that  your business doesn’t get lazy and start posting useless (and irritating) rubbish on your blog?

The Ruby Assembly Consultants answer to this is simple: stay original. What your clients want to read and engage with you on is fresh, personal and above all interesting information that is relevant to them. They don’t want regurgitated RSS feeds or just some old dross copy and pasted from The Age or some kind of cheesy american sales guru.

You must provide original content from your own brain, based on your own expertise. It can be mildly person, or it can be purely business. But either way, it must be fresh and it must be YOU.

Ruby Assembly Consultants specialise in perfecting your brand message and making it casual, informative and authentic. We manage your whole social media suite and keep your feeds constant (and brilliant!). We are already managing a range of quality businesses’ social media across Melbourne, specifically in real estate.

If you would like to work out how to really connect with your clients and build long-lasting natural interaction, we’d be delighted to manage your online media. Don’t get the geek! Get the Ruby Assembly Consultant.