Wrap Up Ruby Slipper Style – First Quarter 2010

Phew. I can’t believe that our first quarter of the year is over. And what a big quarter it’s been! 2010 already seems like a much more positive year for many people and businesses than the challenges that popped up in 2009. There have been sad things like the death of Michael Jackson and Tony Abbott becoming the leader of the Opposition. But then there have been happy things like the amazing clearance rates in Melbourne of property, and the first Good Friday celebrated by my family and my husband’s family. See photo for the proof in the pudding and feel the love!

Ruby Slipper has been really busy this quarter. I have been helping people work out the best agent to assist them in purchasing their home – congratulations on a great job Anthony Gattuso from Thomson Real Estate and Luke Sacco from Nelson Alexander.

I have also helped some lovely clients work out where they should purchase their first home, and given them the tools to get a suitable loan. This is some of my favourite work.

The new addition to Ruby Slipper Consultants is Ruby Slipper Write – copywriting services for agents. This has really taken off and I am proud to be writing text for Harcourts, Nelson Alexander, J.C Street and Thomson. I have also began to assist businesses with their Social Media Integration by seamlessly joining their Blog, Facbook, Twitter and Linked-in to create an interesting, informative and relationship-building flow of information to their clients.

Click here for examples of the quality of Ruby Slipper Write text.

In short, it’s been very successful and my heart is warmed by the great testimonials I have received.

Now we are coming up to the end of the Financial Year. This is a great time to sort out all your bills and work out what you can claim against your business expenditure, or your investment property. What will the first quarter of 2010 – 2011’s financial year hold for you? Will you be going to buy a new home, or needing to sell your home to move to a different one? Will you be getting your finances in check to work out how you will reach your next goal? My next big goal is to finish paying off an uber girly and very glamorous chandelier for my office. When working Ruby Slipper, it’s best to make like dorothy!

If you haven’t started planning for the next part of the year, and you need a helping hand – feel free to get in touch with me, Iolanthe, at Ruby Slipper Consultants.

There’s No Place Like Home!

My everyday working buddy, Bella. And yours truly.


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