Ruby Assembly Consultants are happy to introduce a new, end-to-end and simple solution to smaller businesses for marketing their social media. No matter if you are a cute cardigan-wearing oldie with a well-respected and cracking business, or an estate agent who wants to build value with a focus on themselves (rather than the franchise they work for) – social media management could be of benefit to you.

We offer a design and implementation service across a range of popular social media. We can build these based on a ‘vision board’ of your company, they way you wish to be perceived. They can be aimed at demographics your business connect best with, as well as your own social networks. This can be a template we can leave you with to play around with enjoy.

If you would prefer not to be constantly updating online, we can manage your brand’s social media on an ongoing basis also – ensuring constant interesting organic information. There is nothing worse than your clients being bombarded with useless trash from an RSS feed! They want real information about you, your day, your clients, your opinions, your achievements. We need to give clients real love to connect with them. Using Ruby Assembly Social Media Management to maintain this facet of your marketing allows the human touch on new technology, allowing you to work on your business rather than stuffing around online.

Contact Iolanthe – for further details on this cracking and cost-effective new solution.