Now’s the time to stick to the yellow brick road… and make sure that you pick the best map to get to the Emerald City!

So you’ve done all the tricky work. You beavered your butt off and saved a deposit, you bought your first property and filled it with Ikea, had raucous Queen Adelaide wine-soaked dinner parties with your mates and romantic evenings watching Kate Hudson movies. Or somethin’ like it.

And now… well – now you’ve paid it off a little, the rising Melbourne property market has probably helped you along and give you approximately 10% growth per annum… and now you’ve got your eye on a two bedroom house.

But in order to get it… you gotta sell, right? But god – you have to get in touch with REAL ESTATE AGENTS. * cue scary dracula music*  I know. You don’t want to go near them, they are shifty an dodgey, and wear cheap Roger David suits. I know – it looks slimier than the Yarra out there.

But let me tell you – not all estate agents are the same. A good one will keep you updated, market your home to the very best of their ability, and get you a great market price. But how to pick one? How to avoid zitty Shane from Ray White or Wayno from Barry Plant? And how to know what to do when you are told ‘this is the best offer – you have to take it!’

Let me remove the worry! Ruby Assembly Consultants can help you create a shortlist of experienced agents in your local neighbourhoods – like the greatest hits of normal, human estate agents equipped with the best skills to assist you. We then help you choose from them, and assist in getting you a fair fee and reasonable marketing. 

Best part is – you don’t even have to pay for our Ruby Assembly service, Dorothy! We share in the fee that your agent charges. So, you get TWO people working for you, and an expert vendor’s advocate (that’s me) helping you negotiate your way through all the smoke and mirrors.

To find out more about the Ruby Assembly Consultants vendor advocacy programme, contact Iolanthe on 0403 475 919 or