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Consent messaging and the power of quality communication

Will the government’s new consent policy framework change how we understand and talk about consent in Australia? Ruby Assembly’s Senior Digital Strategist, Alex Russell, explores the new framework and its potential impact. I recently read Chanel Contos' book Consent Laid Bare, both a deep dive and a blueprint into where society has failed in guiding young people about their bodies and relationships. The book itself can be challenging and requires [...]

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Ruby Assembly’s 2023 Christmas Annual

2023 was a big year for most everyone. It was a tough year for householders and businesses, navigating rising inflation and crippling increases to interest rates. But despite this, our clients and community have continued to pivot, to respond to the environments they found themselves trading within, and to keep on' freakin keepin' on. So; well done everybody. You've made it to the 2023-24 summer holidays and we implore you [...]

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Why Communications Defines the Future of Energy Business

There are many reasons Ruby Assembly so enjoy working with professional services deemed 'boring', 'risky' or 'complex'. Without fail, each of these expert businesses are peopled with individuals as interesting and varied as any other part of our community; it is our remit to help our clients' prospects better understand who they are and why they are the people to work with. It's a hell of a lot more fun than [...]

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Chat GPT: It’s How You Use It

The advent of ChatGPT is striking fear into the hearts of many, in much the same way as the Gutenberg press once did. There's significant concern that ChatGPT - an artificial intelligence chatbot - will take the jobs of many in the knowledge economy. It appears that everyone from writers and artists through to accountants and lawyers are worried about the impact of ChatGPT on their industries. Will the machines [...]

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On Feedback: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Whether you're a marketer, an accountant, a lawyer or a florist, one thing's for certain: you'll experience customer feedback. And feedback is a funny thing. Depending on how it is delivered and how it is received, it can truly make or break business relationships. Having been Director of a social media practice now in its 14th year of service, it's fair to say I've seen all kinds of feedback. As [...]

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Ruby Assembly // The Christmas Annual 2022

What a ride 2022 proved to be. From grappling with the spicy cough at the start of the year to re-integrating into a new-look workspace, many of us have found this year to be one of rapid change without too many breaks to recoup. Team Ruby Assembly enjoyed a cracking year in many ways, with wonderful and genre-defining work for our clients, experimentation in terms of design and use of [...]

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Start-up F*ck-ups

Start up f*ck ups, I've seen 'em all. Or at least I hope I have, given that I've been in business for 14 years. I've made many of these newbie mistakes myself, and I've observed clients and friends had their fair share of fails in the business space. So consider our collective pains and embarrassments your real-world entrepreneurial gains, as I share core mistakes made in start up; every one of them [...]

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A Year of Separation: What To Expect, How To Move Forward Part One

There are few experiences that feel as seismic as separation. In this instalment of The Divorce Project, I'm going to unpack what the first year of separation often looks like. Before we begin, I want you to know something that is comforting (if disappointing): there is going to be nothing particularly unique about the path you are about to travel. Many women have done it before. It is hard, but [...]

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Leading From The Top

I'll be honest: managerial speak and leadership culture gives me the heebie-jeebies. And that's not because I feel management is an illegitimate skill. On the contrary, it sets the tone for a business and the way it interacts with stakeholders from the head down. I think the internetz has much to answer for when it comes to my dislike of inspiring managerial shlock. Too often being a boss manager is [...]

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Ruby Assembly: The 2021 Christmas Annual

  Ruby Assembly have never had so much time apart, and yet we've never felt more together as a team. 2021 has been a challenging year in Victoria, with notable physical distance between ourselves and our clients. Our work has felt important and of additional gravity, as we supported clients to remain meaningfully in connection with their own audiences during a fraught period. We had to stay abreast of all [...]

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