Ruby Slipper @ Yeojin Bae for KOWIN Event

Earlier in the month, Iolanthe from Ruby Slipper attended a KOWIN (Korean Women’s International Network) for Yeojin Bae event at the frenchy-chic Chez Olivier in Greville Street, Prahran.

Our good pal and graphic designer extraordinaire Courtney Kim from Symphonic Pixels told us it would be a great event, we’d be plied with delicious food, beautiful music, great company and a talk by industry legend Yeojin Bae. And boy, was she right! There were french tidbits galore (Emmental cheese deep friend, anyone?), bubbles a-plenty, an aria from Madam Butterfly – and of course Yeojin’s talk on her new diffusion label YB J’aime. Here’s a brief snapshot of the night – we encourage you to attend upcoming KOWIN events if this first venture is anything to go by. (PS. You don’t need to be Korean to attend, it’s a business networking venture primarily.)

Yeojin Bae (left), designer Jennifer Ko and friend, various francophile deco gorgeousness of Chez Olivier.

The cute-as-a-button Courtney Kim of Symphonic Pixels, an organiser the KOWIN for Yeojin Bae event, which was packed out! Congrats!

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One thought

  1. Looks and sounds as if it was a great event…I always am impressed how women are at the front of networking organisations and how much they do achieve. Congrats to all.

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